Baby E came into this world at home into the arms of the most loving family ever. After photographing their holiday photos last year and Baby E’s mama’s maternity photos a few months ago, I could only imagine the pleasure I would get from photographing Baby E. Her sisters are just so in love with their new baby sister, even as much as mama is. Here are a few of Dave’s Faves! Enjoy!

Stacey and Mark are ready for Number 2. A boy this time. With strong family values and a life only a block from the beach, this was a perfect session for the Hutzlers. Can’t wait for the little one to arrive! Here are a few of Dave’s Faves!

Mama Nicole was our amazing birth instructor that is having the third little one of her own. I love incorporating the entire family into a maternity photoshoot and the Greens did not disappoint. Here are a few of Dave’s Faves! Enjoy!

Baby M is back for her own personal photoshoot. She was such a cutie and it was such a pleasure to take her photos. How can you not love this little one? Here are a few of Dave’s Faves!

I’ve been out for a few months to take care of my new little one, but I’m back now! Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Jessica just the day before she had her new baby girl. As an added bonus, she had a belly painter come over and paint her belly in the middle of the session. It was so much fun, the painting was super cool. It’s of a little monkey because that was the baby’s nickname since they didn’t know the sex. Here are a few of Dave’s Faves! Enjoy!