Katherine Howe asked me to take some portraits for her songwriting portfolio. We had a great time and came away with some awesome photos that should definitely get her noticed! If you want to check out some of her music, go here. Here are a few of Dave’s Faves! Enjoy!

Bite Market needed some photos on short notice of their store for a magazine publication and I was able to drop in and get a few of what they needed. The store is beautiful and functional at the same time. Here are a few of Dave’s Faves!

Red, Hot and Hollywood was a fundraiser for the Los Angeles Youth Network (layn.org). It was a great hit and the people there loved hanging out at Kress Nightclub before they opened their doors to the public. Here are a few pictures of the setup, the silent auction and the people that came. Enjoy!

This event happened a little over a year ago, but I wanted to revisit it. Laughs for Bald Bryan was a charity even for Bryan, who was a staff member for Adam Carolla on his radio show. With celebs like Adam Carolla, Joel McHale and Jimmy Kimmel, I had to show off what a great opportunity I was given. Here are a few of Dave’s Faves. Enjoy!