Good News: The Gathering of 127 Mak-ers Awarded 200,000 RMB as Support Fund by Chongqing Government


A few days ago, our college was informed from Chongqing EducationCommittee that the Gathering of 127 Mak-ers Innovation Space at our college,won the financial support of 200,000 RMB by Chongqing government.

The Gathering of 127 Mak-ers Innovation Space, based onour technology park for innovation and business starters and supported bypublic and professional platform of technical service, which adheres to theguidance and support entrepreneurship as the goal for the purpose of publicwelfare, professionalism, innovation, model for the comprehensive constructiondominated by e-commerce, stressing for "Internet +" and ischaracterized by cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship talents. InJanuary 2016, it was recognized by Chongqing Education Committee as the modelof innovation space for colleges and universities in Chongqing.

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